Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Programs develop modern skills in students related to food preparation and presentation. Students learn from experienced and renowned chefs how to prepare delicious cuisine, pastry, and desserts.  They gradually become experts in kitchen management techniques through hands-on training and classroom learning. Students are encouraged to develop new culinary products suitable for today’s marketplace. Eventually, after completing the study program students are well equipped to manage their own culinary business or run and work in the kitchen of a high-end restaurant or hotel.

Study Culinary Art Programs In Switzerland

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum may vary from college to college, however, you may study the following modules listed below.

  • Fundamentals of Classical Cooking
  • Food Safety and Sanitation
  • Culinary Skills in Banquet & Buffet Preparation
  • Introduction to Baking & Pastry Arts
  • Kitchen Management
  • Cuisines of Europe Business Communication
  • The World of Garde Manger
  • Nutrition, Health & Special Diets
  • Cuisines of the World
  • Restaurant Service & Management
  • Wine, Beverage & Mixology (in collaboration with Ritz Paris)
  • Marketing for the Food Industry
  • Fine Dining Kitchen
  • Advanced Baking and Pastry (in collaboration with Ritz Paris)
  • Food & Beverage Management & Leadership
  • Business Plan for the Entrepreneur
  • Culinary Tourism
  • Food Product Development
  • Food in the Media
  • The World of Chocolate Arts
  • Culinary Events Management
  • International Food and Wine Matching
Study Culinary Art Programs In Switzerland


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