Study In Hotel & Tourism Management School Switzerland

HTMi: Hotel and Tourism Management Institute


HTMi will shape students into managers and prepare students for an outstanding career in leading industries. There are recruitment opportunities handed out by companies in these industries. Besides that, HTMi has a beautiful campus and 5 centres for excellence. These include:

  • The School of International Hotel and Tourism Management,
  • The International Hospitality Research Centre,
  • The International Centre for Events Management Training,
  • The Centre for Career Management
  • The Centre for Culinary Management

Campus life

HTMi is highly diverse in terms of the students it takes in. They all have the opportunity to partake in extracurriculars such as sports and hiking. Students also have access to UNESCO-protected areas such as Luzern, Bern, Zurich, and Geneva to visit. The campus also has a spa with a sauna and solarium. Powerful internet is provided throughout the campus, so students are free to complete any work or decompress online.



HTMi students do a six-to-twelve-month internship in almost any place related to their field of specialization after the semester. The Centre for Career Placement and Career Development is always there to support students in choosing the right internship for them. Internships can help students gain experience and get a precise idea of the real world.

Placement and Recruitment

The career centers connect students with leading hotel companies in the hospitality industry. They are enlightened on their career development path along with the standards of the company.

Affiliations & Accreditations