Pastry & Chocolate

Pastry & Chocolate

The Pastry and Chocolate program is designed for students who are fond of learning the skills applied in making bakery products and chocolates. European countries are known worldwide for their sweet delicious pastries and as far as chocolates are concerned Switzerland is the birthplace of milk chocolates. The strength of the students in each class is small thus individual attention by instructors is provided to every student. The pastry chef instructors and chocolatiers explain each technique and give culinary demonstrations in front of the class. Thereafter students practice the techniques learned during the demonstration by their instructor at the workstation and they get proper guidance and support if some steps go wrong. Gradually the students become experts in preparing pastry and chocolate and finally they showcase their skills in the Pastry & Chocolate Master Challenge.

Study Pastry And Chocolate Arts In Switzerland

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum may vary from college to college, however, you may study the following modules listed below.

  • From Farm to Table
  • Artisan Bakery
  • Traditional Swiss & European Pastry
  • From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar
  • Modern Desserts
  • Vegetarian, Vegan & Dietary Trends
  • From Idea to Masterpiece
  • Industry Trends & Concepts
  • Innovative Showroom Excellence
Study Pastry And Chocolate Arts In Switzerland


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