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Glion: Institute Of Higher Education

Glion ranks amongst the top 3 colleges in terms of hospitality management, with connections to luxury hospitality brands, giving opportunities for great internships.

Campus life

The Glion campus, located close to Montreux, is a decompressing and knowledge powerhouse, with restaurants, classrooms, Libraries, and the scenery of Lake Geneva. Established in 1962, it combined education with entertainment, containing sports and fitness activities, clubs, restaurants, and a vast array of extracurriculars. Glion also puts a focus on the wellbeing of their students to ensure that they are amongst the top colleges of the world in terms of the glamorous life that students may find on campus.



Internships are a third of the undergraduate curriculum at Glion. This highlights how critical they are, as they provide valuable work experience first-hand from two leading hospitality companies for your CV record. Internships also bring with them the opportunities to make connections and enlighten yourself about the hospitality industry.

Placement and Recruitment

The careers offered in the hospitality industries include:

  • Food and beverage, catering and banquets, conference and events
  • Hotel management, entrepreneurship, training, and development
  • Spas and private clinics, travel and tourism, cruises
  • Asset management, investment banking, finance, and revenue
  • Real estate, project management, facilities, transport, and logistics
  • Media, digital marketing, public relations

Companies come in to participate in the event for hiring potential candidates. It is a big opportunity for students to network and connects with all the small and large companies that come in. Students learn diversity and compassion, which help them to get recruited.

Affiliations & Accreditations