Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Brand Management

The Luxury Brand Management program helps students to grab a career in the luxury sector. Students learn to identify potential new luxury products and their importance in the real world. This program is highly in demand by the youth looking for a stable career opportunity. The beautifully designed course curriculum and the hands-on training experience through an internship will take your career and skill-set to the next level. This program aims to impart knowledge among students about how luxury companies adjust their services in correlation to their customers’ needs and behaviors. Eventually, students excel in the field of the luxury business market segment and they understand the exact definition of and the vocabulary to describe what constitutes luxury in a given product.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum may vary from college to college, however, you may study the following modules listed below.

  • Business Models in Luxury
  • Economics & Sociology of Luxury
  • Business Trends in Luxury Hotel, Resorts & Events
  • Gastronomy Universe, Fine Wines & Spirits
  • Ultra-Luxury Travel & Experiences
  • Luxury Fashion & Design
  • Building Brand Equity
  • Experiential Economics
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Transformation & Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing in the Luxury Industry
  • Service Culture & Operational Excellence
  • New Frontiers in Customer Experience
  • Retail Management
  • Strategic Management of Luxury Brands
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