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Switzerland’s Hospitality Education

Switzerland is well known for its astounding education as it is a prominent destination of many greatest universities. Switzerland has long prioritized top-quality education, which is the reason for many of its universities being in the top 100 tier list. Thus, employers inevitably find it appealing to see Swiss education on your resume, making it not only an accomplishment but also a commodity.

Switzerland’s progress towards becoming hospitality education powerhouses required a vast amount of process re-engineering which included strategic teaching methods to enhance the skills of their students and allow for immaculate specialization. This is the reason why Switzerland is denoted as the leader in hospitality.

According to the QS World University ranking 2022, Switzerland has again won the award for its top hospitality management institutes globally. It is one of the most widely read university rankings in the world that is inspiring students to study hospitality in the top country, that is, Switzerland. Students prefer to study hospitality in Swiss colleges because proper skills required for the hospitality industry are only imparted at Swiss hospitality schools. These hospitality schools in Switzerland provide the students with a large set of soft skills like leadership, innovation, teamwork and creativity and so on.

The unique study pattern in Switzerland allows students to learn about the real life of the professional world. After graduating from a hospitality institute in Switzerland students find it quite easy to start their career with organizations dealing in real estate, finance or fashion.

Overall, Switzerland is not only known for its high-quality hotel and tourism industry, but it is also an excellent destination for luxury hospitality education.

Switzerland As A Country

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European multilingual country. Its national languages include German, French, Italian and Romansh. Apart from it, there are other numerous dialects spoken in every region. Switzerland is the best country to live as it offers an incredible quality of life. It is known for its low crime rates, great standards of education and healthcare.

Switzerland is greatly known for its exquisite chocolates and cheese, luxury watches, and captivating natural vistas. The Swiss Alps offer breathtaking views and are one of the top spots for skiing and attract hikers, snowboarders, and many more. The sincere and loving environment of Switzerland has never failed to impress visitors and citizens due to them revolutionizing the way people interact with each other and partake in hospitality.

Whether you want to decompress and enjoy nature or go out to eat with your friends, there is always a place for you!

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Best Destination for Student

Switzerland Safest Country For Students

Safest Country

“Safety of child” is an uncompromising factor and it is the first thing that comes in mind of every parent while sending children abroad for higher education. Undoubtedly, Switzerland has maintained its reputation and declared by Forbes as the safest countries in the world for Covid-19. According to the Global Peace Index, Switzerland is the 10th safest country in the world. The crime rates are very low almost negligible. Hence, it meets all the expectation of parents concerning the safety standards of their children.

Affordable World Class 5-star Education System

Choosing to study in Switzerland is a perfect plan!

Several reasons will justify it. Switzerland is known worldwide for its renowned education system because of its high standards and teaching methods that are based on theoretical and practical learning. It does not only provide students qualitative education but also makes it affordable for parents to bear the study abroad expenses of their child.

On Campus Accommodation For Students Studying In Switzerland

On-Campus Accommodation

5-Star accommodation facilities are offered by the colleges represented by Go Swiss. This makes students more relaxed and they get the homely environment at the campus. The rooms are spacious with all the required facilities for studying and resting. Each room has attached modern washrooms and spacious balconies.

The colleges also have their gym, spa, and nightclubs where the students can get themselves entertained.

Buffet Style Meals Provided

Buffet Style Meals Provided

The colleges represented by Go Swiss in Switzerland provide meals to students. This culture gives students the feeling of home. Students get vegetarian, non-vegetarian, continental, and all types of delicious meals at the college. Right from breakfast to dinner they get the best hygienic delicious and mouthwatering food in buffet style. Students are instructed to have their meals in formal dress only that helps them learn about the ethics of professional life.

International Recruitment Forum

Placement Assistance

Go Swiss is aiming to transform students into professionals. The placement assistance provided by the colleges represented by Go Swiss is dedicated to deliver excellent placement assistance to students. Some colleges also arrange recruitment grand placement and recruitment events like IRF (International Recruitment Forum). These types of events give an edge to Swiss Education when compared with rest of the world. Students get a chance to meet with the industry experts, getting hired and it opens the grand doors for students to become a successful professional. The students also get placement assistance from numerous other placement agencies working for colleges in Switzerland. After graduation some of the students prefer to apply all the skills they have learned in their family business and some prefer to start their own venture.

Paid Internships For Students Studying In Switzerland

Study with Paid Internship

“Earn while you learn” is the main objective of Go Swiss!

Our teams help you to get admission to 5-star hospitality colleges that offer an iPad to students that enables them easy access to digital study material plus a paid internship during their study program. The study concept is a mixture of theoretical and practical learning. Each year is divided into two parts of six months each. The first six months consist of academic studies and the remaining six months give a chance to students for getting hands-on practical learning through a paid internship. This excellent teaching pattern helps students to become familiar with a live working environment. The internship amount paid to the students is according to Swiss law amounting to Rs.1.4 lacs approximately. The paid internship motivates the student to learn and earn in a professional environment, accepting challenges, finding solutions which overall boosts their confidence level and makes them feel self-reliant.

Why Choose Switzerland For Study

Travel without Visa to 26 European Countries

The students studying in Switzerland enjoys the benefits of Schengen Visa. They are allowed to travel visa free to 26 European Countries. They choose a destination for long weekends and enjoy their trips with their colleagues. If you opt to study in Switzerland, then you will be allowed moving across the borders to visit the countries that surround it.

Switzerland Multilingualism-Why Switzerland is best country for Hospitality Management

Swiss Multilingualism

Students who are fond of learning new languages have the best opportunity to learn four more languages spoken in Switzerland: German, French, Italian, and Romansh.

Free Excursions for Students

Free Excursions

Go Swiss wants to make your study abroad journey a memorable one. Thus, the colleges working with Go Swiss have special facilities for giving free excursions to its students. This activity includes visiting the famous tourist spots, horse riding, skiing, riding bicycles in hills, cable car tours, experiencing the city life, and exploring the industries manufacturing chocolates, watches, and many more.