The entrepreneurship program is specially designed for aspiring or current entrepreneurs and professionals who own family businesses. It helps students to learn about the knowledge and skills required right from initiating the business plan and taking it up to the top level where it can deliver a viable product or service.  The entrepreneurship program is mainly focused on teaching students how to develop new business models. It also helps students in learning how to manage innovation that often involves risk-taking and a legal understanding. The entrepreneurship program is highly recommended for career switchers. Students or working professionals from any background can enroll themselves to enhance their entrepreneurial knowledge and strategy. The theoretical and practical experience of the real world builds up confidence in students to achieve the goals of being an entrepreneur.

Study Entrepreneurship Management In Switzerland

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum may vary from college to college, however, you may study the following modules listed below.

  • Business Research Methods
  • Hospitality Industry Operations & Trends
  • Corporate Finance & Financial Decision Making
  • Creativity & Innovation for Competitive Advantage
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Advanced Marketing Strategy in Hospitality & Tourism
  • Risk, Crisis and Recovery in the Global Hospitality & Tourism Industry
  • Digital Marketing and e-Commerce in Hospitality
  • Leading Success Through Human Capital
  • Digital Transformation & Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing in the Luxury Industry
  • Business Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism
Study Entrepreneurship Management In Switzerland


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